Specialized in antenna design & microwave material characterization

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Antenna design for consumer electronics & microwave material characterization
Antenna design & consulting

We are specialized in small antenna design for consumer electronics such as IoTs. Having long experience in industry in antenna design, we can deliver best antenna solutions that suits your needs.

Antenna prototyping & measurements

With our strong expertise in antenna prototyping and measurements, we help you to bench mark your current antenna solutions and help you to over come design challenges.

High frequency material characterization

Precise electric characterization of plastics / ceramics / polymer composites / Liquids/ Gels in GHz frequencies. Your simulation model is as accurate as its material property definitions, You can save you multiple rounds of prototyping with accurate simulations that are based on accurate material measurement data.

Material certification & consulting services

If you are developing new plastic materials for high frequency wireless applications and looking where to measure its RF properties accurately, you are in the right place, Mattester Oy can certify for RF properties of your new material with atmost accuracy in GHz frequencies,

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Our focus

MatTester Oy is specialized in Antenna design for portable devices using 3D electromagnetic simulations, proto-typing and measurements. Precise measurements of electromagnetic properties of materials at microwave frequencies. Your simulation model is only as good as its material property definition. We can help you to make sure your simulation models are accurate that are based on precise material data.

  • Antenna simulations
  • RF material characterization
  • Antenna & RF prototyping
  • Antenna Measurements

Antenna and RF Material characterization Team

Dr. Vamsi Palukuru D.Sc. (Tech.)
Dr. Vamsi Palukuru D.Sc. (Tech.)
We have world class capabilities in design of antennas (including GSM, WCDMA, LTE, Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, and UWB) and RF material characterization. 12+ Years of experience in antenna design and RF material characterization in academics and Industry such as Nokia corporation / Microsoft Mobile Oy. Blended skills in Technology, Engineering & product creation. Virtual prototyping through simulations. Global experience working with international teams.


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