May 27, 2019

UWB antenna solutions

Sara UWB 6-8 GHz

6-8GHz Ultra Wideband SMD Chip Antenna

SMD Chip UWB Antenna
For European and USA UWB Applications
In Channels 5-7
Frequency: 6.0-8GHz

Dims: 6.2 mm x 4.85 mm x 1.55 mm

Uses :-

  • Indoor positioning
  • smart home applications


The Sara UWB chip antenna (6.2 * 4.85 * 1.6 mm) is a high efficient, compact form factor UWB antenna covering 6 to 8 GHz of UWB frequency band. It is mounted to a PCB via standard SMT reflow process.

Antenna installed on 22 mm x 25 mm x 1.6 mm FR4 reference board

Antenna matching

As any other antenna solutions, the antenna is to be matched to customer PCB dimensions. We help customers in tuning antenna to correct bands. The antenna is matched with a 0.5 pF series capacitor in the reference board.

Measured antenna return loss in dB with Agilent E5071C VNA.

Antenna return loss is measured with Agilent E5071C vector network analyzer and return loss is better than -10 dB across 6-8 GHz UWB band.